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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Save on Eating Out with Kids

If you have children, you can save money on eating out by going on days when they have discounts for kids. This list was passed on to me and I've added some to it, but if you have more discounts you know about, please leave a comment! Be sure you call each place for details before you go because they may have changed their policy (and I didn't verify each one). Generally "kids eat free" means off the kids menu. Usually it is one kid's meal per adult entree, but some allow two per adult (like Perkins).

Solea Mexican Grill - kids eat free
Sergios - kids eat for $1.49
Ground Round - kid meals are .99
Good Company - kid meals are $1.25
O'Charleys - kids eat free
Grazies - kids pizza and drink for $2.50
Buffalo Wild Wings - kids eat for .99

HuHot - night kids eat for $1.00
Funset Blvd - get large pizza for med price & kids rides 2 for 1

Cinders Charcoal Grill - kid meals half price (4pm) & free Sundae
Atlanta Bread Company - kids eat free (after 4pm)
Perkins - kids eat free (after 5pm)
Texas Road House - kids get free balloons (no discount)
Red Robin - kids get free ice cream Sundae with their meal
Fazolis - kid meals are .99 and they have crafts available
Ponderosa - kids eat free (after 4pm)
Green Mill - kids eat free

Applebees - kid meals are .99
Tumbleweed - kids meals are .99
Sergios - kids eat for $1.49

Country Kitchen - kids eat free
Perkins - kids eat free after 5pm

We have also saved considerably in the past by switching our pizza night to a night other than Friday, because many places offer discounts on Mondays or Tuesdays, especially if you do carry-out instead of delivery.

Do you have any other tips for saving money in this area of your budget? Please help us all out and let us know!


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