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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Picture Overload!

Things have been so busy over here that I haven't kept up with downloading pictures. So now that I've downloaded, you get overloaded! :-)

J got her first two teeth within a few days of each other. I tried to capture her toothy grin! She loves her walker and can really get places. She has also already started helping me in the kitchen--here she is licking a spatula! (I was making apricot baby food--yum!!)

G wanted me to braid her hair one day so she could have some curls. She loved the braids so much she left them in for a full day. But she was excited to take them out and see her curls. Here are the results!

On a break from schoolwork, the girls get silly! I believe they were all being rock stars this day.

Here is F with her sweet smile! What a cutie!

On one Sunday after church I got a quick picture of 4 of the 5 sisters (H is missing). It's really hard to get all 5 of them in a picture together, let alone all looking at the camera!

This morning they called me, "Mama, you have GOT to get a picture of this!" So here's another picture of 4 out of the 5, this time with baby J missing (she was napping--we'll have to try this pose again sometime!)


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