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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Earn 31 Swagbucks!

Have you been searching with Swagbucks? You can earn 31 swagbucks today without even doing a search, and it will take you less than 5 minutes. If you don't have a Swagbucks account yet, get started here and you will get 30 free swagbucks in your account! Read on to learn how to earn 31 more in five minutes.

  • On the home page there is a slide that says "AXE, play and earn x3". Click on it and a game will open. Click skip (and you may also want to turn off the sound). Throw eggs for 60 seconds and you will earn 4 swagbucks. Open the window to play three times and earn 12 swagbucks.
  • Take the Daily Poll to earn 1 SB
  • Click on Trusted Surveys to earn 1 SB
  • Click through the NOSO's to earn 1 SB
  • Under the slides on the homepage, answer an American Express poll and earn 8 SB.
  • Click on earn more under American Express and watch a video of Conan in India to earn 8 more SB.
  • Now do a quick search or two to see if you can win a few holiday bucks, as long as you are at it! If you collect all 5, you'll automatically earn a 50 SB bonus. I've already won 3 or 4 of them just by searching. I won this 21 SB today!


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