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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Roundy's Cereal Deal

I was just talking to a friend at church this morning about being due for a cereal deal at Roundy's anytime now, and sure enough, there's one this week! It's for Kellogg's cereal (and also Keebler cookies and crackers). Buy 6 at regular price, get $10 off and a catalina coupon for a free gallon of milk (up to $3). The $10 off will come off instantly at checkout and you can use your milk coupon later or in your next transaction. My experience with the milk catalina from Kellogg's is that it takes off only the amount of milk (no overage).

To find out if this is a good deal, you would add up the 6 boxes of cereal, take off the $10 and then take off any doubled coupons you are using. Then divide that number by 6 to see your price per box of cereal to determine if it is at your "buy price".

Here are some coupons:
Several Kellogg's coupons (after you sign up)
$1/2 Townhouse crackers
There are also some coupons on, but they are for money off flour, peanut butter, cocoa, etc when you buy Kellogg's cereal. So unless you were going to buy those items anyway, the ones on the Kellogg's website are better.

So here's an example: buy 2 Mini-Wheats, 2 Crispix, and 2 Rice Krispies at $3.50 each (I'm guessing on the price, but that should be close). $21 minus $10 promo minus $6 in doubled coupons (3 $1/2 coupons)=$5 which is already less than $1 per box, and we didn't even take into account the free milk! Under $1 per box is a "buy price" for me. :-)

**Note that you will need more items on this order to bring it up to $25, but you have room to double 2 more coupons so that shouldn't be a problem!**
Happy shopping! :-)


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