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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Resurrection Eggs

One tradition my family enjoys each year to incorporate the real meaning of Easter are Resurrection Eggs. They are a set of plastic eggs filled with items to help tell the story of Jesus' crucifixion and resurrection. You can buy a set for $6.99 here, or you can make a set of your own! All you need is an egg carton, 12 plastic eggs, and a set of symbols to put inside, as well as some verses to go along with them.

There are different versions of Resurrection Eggs, so I'll make a list of the versions I've found and you can pick and choose to assemble your set, keeping in mind the order of the story.

  1. Bread/Cracker OR Palm Branch/Leaf OR Donkey (a picture would work)
  2. Cup OR Coins
  3. Coins OR Praying hands OR Purple cloth
  4. Praying hands OR Coins OR Thorns
  5. Leather Strip
  6. Cross OR Thorns
  7. Nails OR Cross
  8. Sponge OR Dice OR "King of the Jews" Sign
  9. Spear/Toothpick OR Sponge
  10. Gauze/Linen OR Spices/Cinnamon Stick OR Spear
  11. Stone
  12. Empty!
Donkey: Mark 15:7
Palm Branch: Mark 15:8-10
Bread: Matthew 26:26
Cup: Matthew 26:27
Praying Hands: Matthew 26:36
Coins: Matthew 26:14-15
Purple Cloth: Mark 15:17
Thorns: Matthew 27:29
Leather Strip: Mark 15:15
Cross: John 19:17
Nails: John 20:25
Dice: Matthew 27:35
Sponge: Matthew 27:48
Sign: Luke 23:38
Spear: John 19:34
Gauze: Mark 15:46
Spices: John 19:40
Stone: Matthew 27:59-60
Empty Tomb: Matthew 28:6

I recommend numbering the eggs on the outside, so you know which egg to open first. You can also print out the verses and cut them up to put inside each egg or leave them all together and keep the verse list with the set. Our family likes to take turns hiding the eggs. Then the girls find them and put them in the egg carton and once we have them all, we go through them in order, retelling the story of Jesus' death and resurrection. Have fun making your set!

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