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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Lost and Found

Through the eight years of our marriage, we've had a running joke about "lost things". Once, on a road trip eight years ago, we lost a CD. We had been playing it one minute, then I took it out and dropped it and it seemed to vanish into thin air! We pulled off into a gas station parking lot, moved our seats, pulled out luggage and spent at least 10 minutes searching for that CD. It simply couldn't be found. We were bewildered, to say the least. How can a CD disappear from a moving car?

As we've lost other things through the years, we would joke that it was probably with the lost CD. About six years ago I lost a black purse. I knew I hadn't left it anywhere, but I turned the house upside-down looking for it, to no avail. Thankfully, I hadn't left my wallet (license, credit cards) in it, so it wasn't a horrible loss, just annoying. Well, it must be with the CD, we said with a laugh!

Three years ago I misplaced our wedding album. Not a good thing to lose! I knew it was around here somewhere, but for the life of me I couldn't find it. I didn't even want to joke about it being with the CD, because we'd given that up for lost. I just couldn't give up on our wedding album in the same way. After searching in all the regular places, I decided I had put it in a "safe" place, so safe even I couldn't find it!

Last summer I found the black purse. I told you I had turned the house upside-down, right? Well I hadn't looked in the GARAGE! Don't ask me what it was doing with my husband's ski boots! About six months ago I found our wedding album. I don't know why, but apparently under the desk in the guest room seemed like a good place for it at one time. I'd probably seen it under there a hundred times while vacuuming, but it didn't register.

Will wonders never cease? We had given it up for lost a long time ago, but this morning I found the CD that we lost at least eight years ago! It was in a CD holder that we have used probably a hundred times since then (on every road trip), but it had fallen between the liner and the case so we had never seen it. Today the whole thing tipped over and the CD fell out! So in that moving car, apparently I dropped the CD just so and it slid ever so carefully between the layers where it hid for more than eight years. Crazy!


Ambervanness5 said...

This is a really cute story, Jessica...glad you belongings are starting to show back up :)

Andy and Katie said...

That IS crazy!!!! How great!!! Now you will have to use some other lost item as the "It's probably with the...." phrase! :)

Sparks said...

ya, we've got a couple of crazy lost stories as well -- usually it's Lana that finds the things, but it is so weird sometimes. Usually best to stop looking for a while and whatever it is, it will turn up...
(not easy to do w/ a wedding album or some other valuable. Once I misplaced a check for several months -- not a huge amount, but money nonetheless...)

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