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Monday, April 6, 2009

Free Movie Monday

It's Free Movie Monday at Redbox!
Tonight's code is TS473G.
Enjoy your free movie!


Andy and Katie said...

Thanks, Jessica, for always posting these codes! We used Redbox for the first time last weekend! I told Andy I'd go get him his movie...and he wanted to go in case his movie that he wanted was out. He went to 2 locations and both were really busy and he left, flustered by the line outside of the redbox. We got quite the laugh over the fact that getting a free movie had provided such stress!

I later convinced him to stop by Wal Mart's location when he went out to get gas...and he came home happy that he succeeded with the Redbox experience! :)

He saw Slum Dog Millionaire and enjoyed it!

Jessica said...

Tell Andy I'm sorry about his experience! I've never had to wait for more than one person, and usually I just walk right up! I'm glad he finally got the movie he wanted. We got the new Will Smith one for tonight...we'll see! :-)

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