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Thursday, April 2, 2009


We had a couple firsts this week. F went on her first plane ride to visit Grammie and Grampie. She and I went for a long weekend and had a wonderful time hanging out with my parents. Here is a picture of her looking out the window of the plane.

For the second first. . .
Do you notice anything missing in this picture of H?
She lost her first tooth this morning at church! Anyone know the going rate for lost teeth these days?


td99 said...

Our tooth fairy pays $1, but it is a gold $1 coin. I went out and got $20 worth from the bank. I had to go inside and they had to get them out of the vault. My son thinks they're really special and doesn't want to spend them.

Andy and Katie said...

"First" of all, LOVE the new family picture!!!! It's wonderful!

Love the look of F looking out the plane window and H with the missing tooth. My 2 big girls put their heads together and wrote the tooth fairy a note...and here's the kicker....they asked the tooth fairy to buy girl #2 a specific barbie toy from Kohl's! We thought that was pretty clever.

However, what we have done is make the first lost tooth more special, and I usually try to be prepared get gold coins from the bank or a $2 bill. We have also collected books from Goodwill which make good 'gifts' from the "T.F."

Our TF also leaves a note for girl #2, who needs a little more dedication to brushing her teeth...all 3 girls thought THAT was pretty cool ;)


teamhuerta said...

Well... our kiddos believe it to be Mickey Mouse that comes to collect the missing tooth/teeth:) We've done nothing to persuade them otherwise b/c it's pretty cute! So anyway... Mickey Mouse has left a few quarters (which usually end up being played with and lost before they even have a chance to show us in the morning), so he's also left some small prizes that probably bring more excitement anyway (stickers, play necklace)... Mickey Mouse is so cool!

La said...

When you find out the going rate on teeth please let me know! J is desperately trying to wiggle her teeth out!

Jessica-MomForHim said...

Congrats H!
I pay one dollar for teeth.. I will be broke when K and L start to loose theirs. It will be about the same time that they loose them together...R loves that he gets a whole dollar.

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