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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Garbage Helpers

Last summer I posted about different jobs the kids could help with around the house, and some of you left some helpful comments, too! Amber had left a comment about kids emptying trash cans, and I thought that was an good idea I could implement at our house, but I wasn't sure how exactly to go about it. Then I heard a great idea from someone (I don't remember who, I'm sorry, so if it was you, please leave a comment!). After lining your little bathroom trash cans with a plastic grocery bag, put a rubber band around the top so the bag won't slide off. Now every week before trash day I can ask each of the girls to go grab a trash can and bring it down to the kitchen trash. They can easily dump the contents out into the big trash can and then put it back where it belongs! Usually the bathroom trash consists of kleenexes and empty toilet paper rolls, so it just falls out easily.

If you have other easy chore ideas you'd like to share, I'm all ears! Please leave a comment so we can all benefit!


Cap said...

Hey Jess.

An old idea from my time working in a restaurant is a good way for young kids to handle clearing their own dishes without spills. Have them take their plates to the sink first, and then put their silverware inside their glasses eating end down (even if there's still liquid inside - no matter the liquid, it'll help soak off whatever's on the silverware!) and take the glasses to the sink. Or counter if not the sink.

I remember as a kid how my mom made my sister and me say 'may I please be excused' and 'thank you for the dinner' before we could leave the table. Family friends were impressed, but looking back I can't help think it likely sounded forced and rote, hahaha.


PS - H's hair is sure growing back fast!

Jessica said...

Good ideas, Kerri! Thanks! :-)

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