Print Your Coupons Here!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Coupons! Get your coupons here!

I was thinking about the hot dog concessions at baseball games ("Hot dogs, get your hot dogs here!"), can you tell? Maybe I'm ready for it to be summer, huh? :-)

Anyway, if you've clicked over to read on my blog, maybe you've noticed that I finally figured out how to get a coupon bar installed! If you see a coupon you think you might use, now you can print them straight from my blog! Just click on "Quick Print" and there you go. How easy is that?! You can also click on "scroll coupons" or "see all coupons" to see other ones that are available to you. If you have already printed a coupon twice, it won't show up on your list.

Thanks so much to Jenn for helping me out with that!


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