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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Our Little Helpers

What chores can little kids do? This is a question every mom has at some point. What can I have my young child do beyond putting away their toys? I'll share some of the jobs we have our kids do, and I hope that you leave some comments about some chores you have your kids do. I love it when we can share ideas and learn from each other!
We have our kids help with sorting the clean silverware from the dishwasher into the drawer--just remove the knives first! They also help sort and put away their laundry. Sometimes they ask to dust so I give them feather dusters and set them loose! I've given them wipes to "wash" the floor with. They help to set and clear the table before and after meals as well. They also love to help unload the groceries, and now I have a hard time keeping up with them since I have so many helpers!


Kristin B said...

love the lawnmowers........they do such a great job.

Amber said...

I too am a fan of the little lawn mowers... super cute.
I have had Treyton (my 3 year old) sort the silverware, put away his laundry (he does a VERY good job at this at which I was surprised by), wipe down the cabinets with a wet rag, he uses the little sweeper and dust pan after I sweep, he helps load and unload the washer/dryer, he loves watering the plants (inside and out), feeding our pet fish and turtle, he has vacuumed before but this can take AWHILE, he also will dust, and wipe off the table after we eat, and he also obviously puts away his toys... this may seem like alot, but he LOVES doing what mommy and daddy are doing - we don't have a "chore chart" or requirements of him yet, these are things that he just does if he is around when I am doing them - he is still at an age where he WANTS to help!!!
Just the other day I was reading something (and I can't remember where now) but a lady had said that her kids empty the trash cans out of the bathroom into the kitchen garbade every morning... we haven't tried that here but I thought that was a good idea!

Lisa said...

We also don't have a chore chart at our house, 2.5 is probably a little young, yet! Ella does the usual toys, dishes, loading and unloading washer and drier, dusting, loads the diaper bin with new diapers for Brennan, and her favorite is watering the plants (although anyone outside at the time usually ends up watered, too!) She also attempts to make her bed - usually, pretty nice job, she helps me fold laundry - she does wash clothes and kitchen towels, and she loves to wash the windows (probably why only the lower half ever look clean in my house!). I'm not looking forward to when these things become chores!

Jessica said...

Thanks for the ideas, ladies! I love the idea of having the kids empty the little trash cans...we have three "big" girls and three bathroom trash cans that could be emptied each week so I'm gonna have to start that one!! I was thinking about getting a little dustbuster hand-held vacuum that the kids could use. Do any of you have one, and do they work well?

Lisa said...

We have a Dirt Devil one and it works great for little messes here and there. I also like to use it on our steps, too. I feel like I can get the dirt better with this then with the hoses on the vacuum. Ella is afraid of ours though so she would rather use the big vacuum.

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