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Friday, July 11, 2008

Temperament Quiz

Are you sometimes stymied by your child's behavior? Are they predictable, adaptable, sensitive, intense, or easily frustrated? Is this behavior normal? The Preventive Ounce has a short questionnaire for you to fill out that will help you to see your child's temperament more clearly. It gives you a profile of your child's temperament and shows you common behaviors that occur in children with a similar temperament. Click on one of those behaviors, like "punishment won't work" or "constantly asks 'why'", and it will explain why children with that temperament have that issue and will give you strategies for how to deal with it. It even mentions how parents with a certain temperament will likely react to this issue and gives you advice. I did the questionnaire for my oldest 3, and if you save your child's profile number, you can go back to the site and look at the results again (or email them to your husband, like I did!). I also wonder if Ted would get similar answers if he took the quiz about each of the girls, so it would be cool to compare our charts to see if we perceive their behaviors and temperaments differently. If you have 5 minutes, check it out! Thanks to Rachel for passing this along!


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