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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Family Update

We've had a few birthdays in the family, so I thought I'd do a quick update. H is now 5 years old and is growing up so fast! She is a wonderful helper to Mommy and is acquiring quite the sense of humor! She reads pretty well and can figure out almost any word. We can't believe she will be in kindergarten! It's hard for us to let go sometimes, so it's good that she asks to do things herself, often pushing our boundaries of comfort while showing us she can do more than we think. One of her favorite activities is drawing. Her newest pursuits are swimming lessons and learning to play the piano.

G hasn't had a birthday, but she is 3 1/2 years old and is a wonderful helper who loves to play with her sisters. Mommy says she will either be a lawyer or a saleswoman because she is constantly talking and negotiating. She has a fabulous imagination and loves to make up stories in her fantasy world. One of her favorite activities is dressing up in pretty dresses and making up storylines about princesses or ballerinas. One day she was talking her herself and her dolls in the corner for probably 15 minutes and I tried to sneak this picture...of course she noticed me.

M is 2 years old and loves being a big sister! From the very beginning, she has been very gentle and loving with baby F. She adores her big sisters as well and plays with them constantly. She loves to color and is working on talking more. Though she doesn't say a lot of words yet, she is full of personality!

F is 2 months old already! She isn't on a schedule yet and refuses to take a pacifier, but she is very social and is usually all smiles, so that helps! I even caught a picture of her smiling at her sister. So sweet. She has followed in all her sisters' footsteps in the spitting up department, but we've been well prepared with Grammie's extra large bibs. We love having her in the family.


Ted said...

Great pics and your descriptions are spot on. My eyes are almost welling up, I love you and them so much!

Cap said...

It's great to see updates on your very pretty daughters! I remember it was such a short time ago that you'd sent out the email telling about how Hope had been born!

My sister's daughter, Kyamora, is three. She takes dance lessons (and what do a bunch of two and three year olds do in dance class, you might wonder, as did the rest of the family? Apparently the hokey pokey. A LOT.) and plays with Kelli's weirdly high pitched chihuahua Charlotte. She's still not potty trained and will talk forever, but she's a sweet little girl and very lovable. Neither parent is concerned about Ky wearing a night diaper into age 5 (or a day one, really), but here's hoping they get sick of all that changing.

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