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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Swagbucks Code Extravaganza!

Today there will be a swag code extravaganza on Swagbucks! That means there will be different swag codes available throughout the day. Here are some places to look, from Swagbucks:

Sometimes there could be a Swag Code in the Widget. You might find a code in a blog post, on our Facebook wall, on our Twitter page, in a product description in the Swag Store, in a sliding picture on our homepage, in the Wibiya chat bar, or in the MiniSBTV on your toolbar.

So if you aren't on Swagbucks yet, today would be a good day to join! Besides the Swag Code Extravaganza, you can also start with 80 bonus swagbucks if you join by Friday by using code JuneBoom.

They also have collector's bills up for the 4th of July. There are 5 bills and if you collect all 5 by July 4th you will earn a 13 swagbuck bonus. So far I have 3 of the 5. Here's hoping!

Do you use Swagbucks? Have you redeemed them for prizes or gift cards? I usually get at least one Amazon gift card a month because I use it every day by searching, clicking on surveys and doing the daily poll. Hey, $5 a month adds up! :-) If you aren't using it, I highly recommend you join today!


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