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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Homemade Dresses

Lest you think I got over my fear of sewing machines, I'll be upfront and tell you I did not make these dresses. With 5 girls who love to wear things that match, sewing clothes would be a great skill to have. Maybe someday, but in the meantime, Great Aunt Nancy to the rescue!

She doesn't have any grandchildren, so she has taken to making dresses and purses for our girls and has been cranking out projects left and right! In April she sent a set of pink striped pillowcase dresses that the girls wore for Easter, as well as a set of little peach purses.In May she sent a package with some blue purses and some goodies, with a promise of more dresses to come.
In June she sent a package with the promised dresses, but she mailed it to our house while we were on vacation. We got the package after we got home and posed for some pictures. They are turquoise with matching bolero jackets and little modesty shorts for underneath. J doesn't like posing for pictures, can you tell? But the other girls do, and I got several more good ones! Meanwhile, while we were still on vacation, we called from my parents' house to ask if we could drive up to visit them on our long drive home, and she told us there was a package waiting for us at home with some dresses, but not to worry, because she had just finished another set of dresses and we could get them when we came! She also made some little book bags for the girls and let them each pick a book from her "library" to take home. Here is a picture of the dresses we picked up at Aunt Nancy's house. They are sundresses with little watermelons on them. Very cute! Thanks so much Aunt Nancy! The girls love their matching dresses! :-)


Aunt Nancy said...

Hi Jessica,
First time I was brave enough to go on your blog and volia! there were the beautiful girls in a fashion show!!
Hugs to all!
Love, Aunt Nancy

Anonymous said...

LOVE the dresses. I'm a gramma with 3 grand daughters - and a new one from another family that has been grafted into ours. ages 10, 9, 8 and 6. in the process of sewing dresses from pieces of fabric in my 'stash'. i found a cute dress 'look' at a craft fair - taking all those leftover strips of fabric from quilting and arranging them into either gathered & tiered dresses with a solid or matching bodice, OR taking those same strips and turning them on end and making a 'strip' dress, with a coordinating bodice, and a solid band on the bottom. turns out so cute!

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