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Monday, May 12, 2008

Mom's Often Elusive Quiet Time

It seems to be quite a challenge for most people to be able to make the time for a personal quiet time with the Lord, but it seems to be a particular challenge for moms with young kids. I've been trying to improve in this area lately, getting myself into the habit again (which hopefully won't be dashed when baby arrives!). I've tried different things throughout the years and I know some things work better for people than others and in different seasons of life. At night doesn't work well for me because I fall asleep. During the day (even during naptime) doesn't always work well for me because of the long list of possible (and even probable) distractions. So lately I've been trying to get up before everyone else does, creep quietly down our creaky stairs, and have a little time before everyone wakes up. Sounds like a good plan, except that our kids are very early risers, and are very often up before 6am!

So I decided if I can't beat 'em, have 'em join me! I now put 2 children's Bibles into the little totebag that has my Bible and notebook in it. When my girls are awake, I tell them that it is quiet Bible time. They sit on the couch next to me, snuggled in a blanket in our jammies, and look at their own Bibles while I read mine. It has taken some training, as they of course were frequently interrupting me to ask me questions ("who is this?" "what is this story about?" "Mommy, will you read it to me?"). While precious, I explained to them that I was trying to read my Bible, that this was QUIET Bible time, and that we could talk about it in a few minutes. I told them if they didn't feel like reading quietly, they could choose to go back up in bed for a few minutes. They always choose to stay with me. While I'm sure it's not a perfect solution, I do like that they are seeing me read my Bible quietly, and I hope that this can be early training for them to develop their own quiet time.

So, moms out there, what ideas have worked or are working for you in this area? Please post your comments so we can share ideas!


Leys said...

I think that's a great idea.. to have the girls read along with you during your morning devotional time. I've struggled on and off throughout the years as well with finding the right time during the day where I don't fall asleep (at night) or get too distracted.
I have found that at breakfast (while the kiddos are eating at the table) I snuggle in on the couch w/ my coffee and read my Bible.. I stuggle the most with my prayer time alone with God, though. My thoughts tend to take over my supplications and praises.. need to work/pray more about that.

Amber said...

I have tried several different things, and for me, doing it at night has actually worked really well (until recently) and as my bedtime has gotten later and later my quiet time has gotten shorter and shorter. So this leaves me two options, make myself go to be earlier or move quiet time.
1. Something that has worked for me is having a "quiet time" during the day where my son is required to play alone (it actually started because I wanted him to get used to playing along once the baby comes), he is allowed to play wherever he wants, but it's a time when mommy can't play with him. It took a couple of days but he has actually gotten it down pretty good. We usually do this after lunch, before nap time, because it helps us wind down and because our morning schedules are usually unpredictable as far as whether we will be home or not.
2. I have also had my quiet time in the morning, while Treyton eats his breakfast and watches "Toodles" (The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse) and that has worked well too.

Anonymous said...

Personally, I'm a night person so I usually have to force myself to close my Bible to go to sleep! No matter how late it is, I can't fall asleep until I've had my quiet time.

Is Ted still around in the morning? When I had tried morning quiet time that was Jacob's time to deal with the kids if they woke up. It worked pretty well - I'm just not a morning person and I didn't hold up my end of the deal!

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