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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A Lesson Learned

Lessons can be learned in all sorts of unexpected ways...

This summer the girls and I are going through some cute books called "Home Economics for Home Schoolers" from Pearables because we didn't get to them during our school year. They are fun little lessons to do during the summer and we are enjoying them!

Last week we learned how to peel, cut, and make cute carrot sticks with a garnishing tool. Simple, fun, and the girls were eating carrots like never before! It was great!

Today I was making lunch and I suggested that H, G, and M make carrot sticks. They eagerly agreed! I was helping them with the tricky parts, warning about the garnishing tool's sharp edges and such, when it slipped and I sliced into my thumb.

I thought I would be fine, but then I got light-headed and felt sick and sweaty. After a bunch of hub-bub which included calling my husband who immediately left work (about 25 minutes away) and then a friend who lives nearby who piled 5 kids into the car and drove right over, it finally stopped bleeding and I didn't pass out. :-)

The upside is the girls got to have an unexpected lunch with friends and they all learned that when I say something is sharp, I mean it!


amanda said...

what a "upbeat" way to look at it!! glad that you're okay though. hope you're having a great summer.

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