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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Roundy's Coupon Matchups (Copps, Pick 'n Save, Rainbow Foods)

*Saturday, April 16 is Double Double Daze!*

Double 10 coupons per $25 instead of 5.

Roundy's stores (Copps, Pick 'n Save, and Rainbow) double 5 coupons up to $1 per $25 order every Wednesday and this Saturday they will double 10 coupons per $25 order. There are several deals this week, so here are some printable coupon matches to help you make your list. Check your coupon stash to see if you can find more matches. For printing tips, click here. Questions? Feel free to email me.

$2.00/ea: Newman's Own Pasta Sauce
$1.00/1 Newman's Own (Facebook)

$3.99/ea: Garden of Eatin' Party Size Chips
$1.00/1 Garden of Eatin' Chips
$1.99 ADC

Organic Valley Dairy Products – 25% off
Organic Valley Coupons

$5.99/ea: Cottonelle 12 Roll Bath Tissue with in-ad coupon
$0.50/1 Cottonelle
$4.99 ADC

$2.00/ea: Yoplait Yogurt 32 oz
Yoplait Coupons

$0.50/1: Yoplait Yogurt
$0.40/6 Yoplait Yogurt cups
More Yoplait Coupons

$1.50/1 Yoplait Fiber One Yogurt
$0.50/1 Fiber One Yogurt
More Yoplait Coupons

$0.80/1: Yoplait Greek Yogurt
$0.30/1 Yoplait Greek
$0.20 ADC

$1.00/1: International Delight Creamer
$0.55/1 International Delight
Better than FREE ADC
$2.50/1: Pillsbury Sweet Moments
$1.00/1 Sweet Moments
$0.50 ADC

$2.00/1 Pillsbury Pie Crusts
$0.50/2 Pillsbury Pie Crusts
$1.50 each ADC

$2.50/ea: Pillsbury Cookie Dough
$1.00/2 Pillsbury Cookie Dough
$0.50 ADC

$1.99/ea: Lean Cuisine Meals
$1.00/4 Lean Cuisine Meals
$1.49 ea ADC

$3.50/ea: MorningStar Farms Meat Alternatives
$1.00/1 MorningStar Farms
$1.50 ADC

$5.00/ea: Palermo's Pizza
$1.00/1 Palermo's Pizza
$3.00 ADC

$6.00/ea: Wanchai Ferry Meals
$1.50/1 Wanchai Ferry Entree

$1.00/ea: Balance Bars
$1.00/3 Balance Bars
$0.33 each ADC

$1.98/ea: Reynold's Parchment Paper or Foil
$1.00/1 Reynold's Parchment Paper
$0.75/1 Reynold's Foil


$1.99/ea: Lysol Wipes
$1.00/2 Lysol
$0.99 each ADC

$3.33/ea: Snuggle
$1.00/1 Snuggle (Facebook)
$1.33 ADC


Anonymous said...

how many of those newman coupons could you use per purchase?

Jessica-MomForHim said...

I wasn't able to print the coupon (I'm not on Facebook), so I wasn't able to read the fine print on the coupon, so I don't know if there are other restrictions. Does it say something on the coupon that makes you question how many you can use?

Assuming it has the typical coupon language on it, you should be able to use one coupon per item, so if you have two coupons, you can get two pasta sauces free ADC. Maybe you are wondering how many you can use per transaction? If somehow you had more than two coupons (say your mom gave hers to you), then you can use more than two per transaction. As long as you have $25 worth of items, you could theoretically use 10 coupons for 10 free sauces. Does that answer your question?

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