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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Braids Galore!

Last week G asked me if I would french braid her hair. Actually, she didn't know what it was called, so she asked for "a fancier braid, not a regular braid".

Being the mother of 5 girls, you would think I would know how to french braid. I do know the basic mechanics of it, as my mom used to french braid my hair (way back when it was long!). She has tried to teach me many times over the years, but I can never get it quite tight enough. (Funny side note--my french braids are too loose, but my crochet stitches are way too tight--hmmm...)

So when G asked me to french braid her hair, I went to youtube to look for a "how to french braid" video. What a found was a bunch of videos with a lot of cute girl hairstyles, so the girls and I had fun all day!

First I practiced french braiding (I admittedly still need practice!), then we ventured into some other fun styles. I'm a work in progress, but here are some of the "do's" we did! G is sporting a flip-braided heart on the right, and M and F have waterfall french braids. What fun!

Do you have any fun hairstyles or tips you can share with me?


Lana said...

So cute! The joy of having girls!! I tried French braiding on myself and practiced every night for wks and never got it down. I finally gave up! Looks like you're doing a superb job!!

Pam said...

I can't french braid either, but I got this tip from a hairdresser. Crossing the braids under as you are braiding, rather than over, makes for a tighter braid.

Anonymous said...

I could French braid since about 3rd grade. We'd all braid our friends hair at school. I'm pretty good at it still, but wouldn't you know I got all boys. I French braided my niece's hair, but its pretty thin yet. Your girls all have such nice thick hair.

Kelly said...

Loved this! I may have to try the waterfall braid on myself! :)

Thanks for sharing!

Kim said...

Those waterfall ones are cool! Thank goodness Charley has not requested anything like that yet. I can't french braid. :-/

Conductor said...

Wetting the hair (damp not dripping) really helped back when I used to braid hair. The strands aren't blowing everywhere and you have a little more control over adding to bunches and keeping hold of them.


Angela said...

You did great. French braiding is hard. LOL on the loose braids/tight stitches.

Amy said...

Those are awesome! My G has asked for more braids as well, but so far I have had little success. She is now sporting a shorter 'do so the waterfall ones are super cute and practical!

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