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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Husky Tools Review

Husky Tools sent us a 20-piece T-Handle Driver Set to review. Finally, a review Ted can get excited about! And he was!

He and his dad tried out the tools after Christmas to put together a gift for the kids. They said that the design allowed them to grip them better and get better leverage, which was a big plus. Especially with Phillips head screws, applying enough force down on the head is important to keep from accidentally stripping the head.

The only possible tradeoff with these is possible wrist fatigue if you have a lot of turning to do. These are probably ideal to have on hand to tighten old screws cleanly or to put in the last few turns of a fresh one, but you wouldn't want to drive an entire screw with one of these. Traditional screwdrivers are easy to make small movements with your hand and keep working. This set requires a complete repositioning before your next turn (except for the ratchet of course). So, this set, together with an electric screwdriver, would probably be a great combination, especially for those with less muscle strength in their hands.

The set includes 2 slotted, 2 Phillips, 2 hex, 2 square, a "pozi" (never heard of that), and a rachet driver. Husky Tools offers a Forever Guarantee on all of their tools.

*My husband and I received this set of tools from Husky tools in exchange for my review. All opinions are our own.


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