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Friday, January 7, 2011

Dress Up: Little House on the Prairie

In a house of 5 girls, playing dress up is a common pastime. Their imaginations are developed as they come up with elaborate stories and creatively turn everyday objects into items in their tales. Baby J is often involved, too, but this time I only caught pictures of H, G, M and F as they were playing "Little House on the Prairie".

H was Ma, G was Mary, M was Laura, and F was baby Carrie. Baby Carrie (F) was mostly enjoying twirling in her dress, but was also seen helping in the garden and being carried around by Ma (H). Mary (G) and Laura (M) were dutifully doing chores, like sweeping and washing laundry on a washboard.

Ma watered the garden while Mary and Carrie helped harvest the bounty of fruits and vegetables for their dinner.
Ahh, the memories of childhood!


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