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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Overheard: Can I Have a Cell Phone?

H: Mommy, can I have a cell phone?
Me: Why?
H: The kids at school have them.
Me: Kids your age?
H: Yes.
Me: What would you use it for?
H: (shrugging) To call my friends.
Me: (trying HARD to contain myself) But you don't even call your friends from our regular phone! Do you want to call your friends? You can use our home phone, you know.
H: No thanks.

Are landlines just not cool? On a sidenote, she's homeschooled, but I sent her to summer school so she could take some fun classes (computers, art, etc), and this is what she came home with after one week, wanting a cell phone before she even turns 7. I guess it could be a lot worse. . .


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