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Friday, July 23, 2010

Fun DVDs: Brum

We recently discovered some fun DVDs and I wanted to share them with you. Brum is a live-action TV series recorded in England about the adventures of a cute little car that drives by itself. The girls have really gotten a kick out of it! Each episode is short, about 10 minutes, and there are several episodes per DVD. The story lines are pretty simple and involve Brum the car saving the day, either by rescuing someone or catching a bad guy who has stolen something. The actors don't talk, but each episode is narrated by a child's voice that keeps the story moving. The episodes have a lot of humor and exaggerated characters and situations that the kids find hilarious! This series is not animated and doesn't have fancy special effects, it is just simple and funny. Adults may roll their eyes at the goofiness, but the kids love it. To be honest, I have found them quite entertaining and it's also fun to watch the kids' reactions! :-)

Have you heard of Brum?


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