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Monday, June 30, 2008

Fun Ideas For Kids

Sometimes we get so caught up in the things we have to get done every day and we forget about taking the time to play with our kids and enjoy their childhood. These days will fly by and it won't be long before we look back and think "I wish I had...done more laundry or washed the windows"--I don't think so!! But we might wish we had taken more time to enjoy our kids. Here are a couple of ideas, just in case you have the energy to do a little something extra this week! This is what childhood memories are made of!

  • Fuss-Free Fingerpainting: Put pudding, applesauce, jelly, or chocolate syrup in a gallon ziploc baggie and tape shut. Child can "fingerpaint" on the bag without the mess. Keep in the fridge.
  • Let your kids play with their dessert! Put whip cream or pudding on a plate and let them spread it around and make designs before licking up the fun.
  • Make your own wrapping paper: Buy Christmas wrap after Christmas, flip over and let kids decorate the blank side to use for friend's birthdays.
  • There are lots of websites with free craft ideas, and many of them use materials you may have at home. In a search engine, type in "free children's crafts" or even the type of craft you are looking for. Ask me if you'd like some links.
  • Write a silly story together and draw some pictures to illustrate it.
  • When playing with playdoh, show your child how to make shaped beads. Punch a hole with a straw and let dry, then make into a necklace. Or use cookie cutters to cut out shapes, punch a hole in the top with a straw, let dry, then paint or color with markers to make ornaments.
  • Fill an under the bed tote with different types and colors of pasta or dried beans. Add measuring cups, plastic eggs, etc for hours of fun!
  • Make a scavenger hunt for your kids! It can be involved or really simple, like just make up a list of 5 things for them to find (something green, a toy car, a spoon, etc). Time them while they find the objects and then see if they can put them back even faster!
  • Go old school and build a fort with blankets and chairs!
  • Fill up the kitchen sink with soapy water and invite your child to help you wash their toys.
  • Make a batch of brownies or cookies together to surprise daddy for dessert!
  • Turn on the radio or a favorite CD, dress up in silly outfits and belt out some tunes together!


Amber said...

I love the ideas Jessica, sometimes I "know" these things but forget them, so it's nice to have a little list of ideas for those days when we have nothing going on!

t said...

I agree with Amber. We actually do the birthday wrap by reversing Christmas paper and drawing on it as well...sometimes we even do this with brown paper bags. Thanks for the list. It is a GREAT reference tool when you get too busy to remember the simple pleasures you can create.

Awesome Blog Jessica. You are the best!

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