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Friday, September 23, 2011

Pajama Day

Today was pajama day.

We homeschool, so really any day could be pajama day, but normally we all get dressed before we start school. We didn't have anywhere to go today, no errands to run, just school. I reasoned that schools occasionally have fun days like wear your pajamas to school, so why not us?

The girls were thrilled!

We all stayed in our pajamas all day, including me with my fuzzy slippers. We still did our school work, but it was fun to be in our pajamas.

Until the doorbell rang. THREE TIMES!

My doorbell hardly ever rings during the day! It figures that on the day I decide to stay in pajamas all day, three different strangers would come to the door. After I answered the door for the third time, I felt the need to explain, "Today is pajama day." The look in her eyes said, "Ohh-kay, sure."

Oh well, it was fun. A little humbling for me, but mostly fun. :-)


Becky said...

I'm laughing because I can relate! Why do unexpected visitors always seem to show up on our unglamorous days, but on the (rare) days when I get myself all dolled up for no reason, not a soul enters the house besides my family. I suppose it's good to be presentable for my family first and foremost, anyway! Thanks for sharing!

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