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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Coupon Lingo

Sometimes entering the world of couponing can be confusing with all the coupon lingo out there. Here's a guide for you as you start navigating the world of couponing. :-)

--stands for "out of pocket" and means the actual money you spend, after coupons and sales.

Catalina--a machine next to the register that prints out coupons. (Like for pet meds even if you don't have any pets. . .but some of them are useful!)

ECB--stands for "extra care buck" at CVS, a store coupon that prints at the bottom of your receipt that you can use like cash on your next purchase. They usually expire in a month.

RR--stands for "register reward" at Walgreens. It is a manufacturer coupon that prints out of the catalina machine at the register that you can use on your next purchase. These are usually good for 2 weeks.

Stacking--using more than one coupon on the same item. You can stack a manufacturer coupon with a store coupon to maximize your savings. ECBs can be stacked because they are a CVS store coupon. Target coupons can also be stacked with manufacturer coupons. RRs cannot be stacked with another coupon, as they are manufacturer coupons.

Stockpiling--buying extra of an item that is on sale, to last you until the next sale cycle (usually 6-8 weeks). This way you won't have to pay full price for most items ever again!

Doubling--many stores double coupons, but you need to know your store's policies to best take advantage of them.

ADC--stands for "after doubled coupon"

YMMV--stands for "your manager may vary" and means your store's policy may differ

IPs--Internet Printable coupons

Matching--some stores match other store's ad prices if you bring in a current ad. Walmart does this. My local grocery store doesn't ad match, but they do accept a competitor store's coupons. Find out what your store will do for you!

BOGO--stands for "buy one get one", which usually means buy one, get one free.

OYNO--stands for "on your next order" and is usually used to refer to a catalina coupon that prints out as a reward for purchasing certain items, and is good for $$ off your next purchase. It might say something like, "Save $2.50 on your next purchase, compliments of Kraft".

wyb--stands for "when you buy".

Peelie or Blinkie--coupons on (peelie) or near (blinkies in those red boxes) products in the store.

10/$10--stands for 10 items for $10. This doesn't mean you have to buy 10, it just means the product is $1 each. It's a sneaky marketing ploy trying to make you buy more than you need. But if it's a good price on an item you regularly use, then go ahead and buy 10! (see "stockpiling" above!)

$1/2--a coupon for $1 off the purchase of 2 products (or it could be $3/2, or $3 off 2, etc.)

Coupon inserts--SS is Smart Source, RP is Red Plum, P&G is Proctor and Gamble

Any other questions I can answer for you? Leave a comment or email me. Couponing seems overwhelming at first, but you'll get the hang of it, so hang in there! :-)


Ted said...

Finally, now I have a place I can refer to for all that couponer lingo!

I thought the use of acronyms at work was crazy. It's no different with couponing!

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