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Friday, October 14, 2016

Skinny & Co. Coconut Oil Review

Recently I was offered the chance to review some of the products from the Skinny & Co. Coconut Oil line.  I almost said no since I don't have time to blog anymore, but then I went to their website.  I was intrigued by their claims:

·         *The only 100% raw, cold-pressed, alkaline coconut oil on the market
·        * 100% natural, no chemicals, no fillers
·        * All ingredients are non-toxic and edible

I also liked reading about the brothers who founded and run the company in the U.S. and Vietnam and how they support the local community.  I wanted to try to products for myself to see the difference
The products arrived packaged very safely in a box within a box.  They came with cute cards explaining different ways each one would be used.  I really like the packaging and the jars!

I saw a picture on their website comparing the clarity of their coconut oil with others, and I wanted to try it myself and see if their oil was really that clear. 

I only had one type of coconut oil to compare it to, but sure enough, the Skinny & Co.'s coconut oil was completely clear!  It also smelled and tasted like coconut, unlike the other oil.  I suppose this could be a negative to some who don't care for coconut.  I liked using the coconut oil for cooking, though my kids didn't like being able to taste the coconut. 

I also tried the Skinny & Co. Oil Pulling.  This is something I have tried a few times before and would like to do more often for the benefits.  Their alkaline coconut oil is infused with peppermint and is gentler on your teeth than more acidic coconut oils.  I liked the peppermint taste and it swished easily in my mouth.
Another thing I used the Skinny & Co. Oil Pulling for is headaches.  Several of my girls get headaches, and I have found that putting some coconut oil mixed with peppermint essential oil on the bottoms of their feet and then putting socks on has helped my girls' headaches.  M had a headache and fever a few weeks ago, and when I gave her Tylenol she immediately threw up.  I put coconut/peppermint oil on her feet and that helped her immensely--I only wish I had tried that before the Tylenol!  I have to retrain myself into new habits!

I tried the Body Butter on my daughter's mosquito bites and she said it helped the itch go away.  We are plagued by mosquito bites and the itching drives them crazy!  I like having the option of something all natural to put on their bites. The Body Butter is raw whipped coconut oil infused with organic almond oil.

But my very favorite product is the Skinny & Co. Sugar Scrub!

I used it to exfoliate and my skin did feel smooth, but the "How to Use" cards that came in the package also suggested adding it to tea or coffee.  Since the Sugar Scrub contains Coconut Oil, Organic Coconut Sugar, and Vanilla Bean (yummy!), and since all of Skinny & Co.'s products are edible, I thought I'd try it.

I bought some sugar-free cappuccino mix that I really didn't like on its own.  I tried adding a teaspoon of this to the mix and that made it so much better!  I even ate some of it plain and it was so good!  I had to restrain myself from getting a spoon and eating more right out of the jar  (just keeping it real!)  I have also enjoyed it spread on muffins on more than one occasion, so this product is staying in my kitchen instead of my bathroom.  One suggestion -- I would like nutrition facts added to the Sugar Scrub jar, but only because I am eating it!  I know that was not its original intended use.  ;-) 

*I received free products from Skinny & Co. in exchange for providing an honest review.  All opinions are my own. 

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